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The Itsy Story

Back in 2015 I had a 4-month-old baby – Frankie. Christmas was fast approaching and I wanted a way to prepare fresh, homemade baby food for Frankie whilst out and about visiting family and friends over the Christmas period. When it became apparent that I couldn’t buy what I wanted anywhere, I set about creating my own, and the very first Itsy Blitz was born!

Since then I’ve been focussed on creating more useful products that make life as a parent a little easier, make feeding a little less hassle and make everything a little less messy! We’ve picked up a few awards along the way and created thousands of small wins for parents along the way.

Hopefully you’ll find them useful too!

Let me introduce you to some of our best-selling bundles, and why we bundle them this way


The Hungry Bundle | £25.99

Like you, our precious little ones seem to be constantly snacking and constantly leaving (or flinging!) these snacks around the house... So I set about designing each of these feeding products that are designed purely with healthy feeding and less mess in mind.

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Itsy Insulatez | £14.99

Our latest product - The Itsy Insulatez, was borne out of a common problem we were facing when we were out and about with the kids on a day out. We found ourselves being lugged down with several different bags to keep our drinks cold and food warm - when we thought... wouldn't it be much more convenient to have a dual purpose food and drink carrier? So, we got our heads together and came up with this handy little twin purpose hot and cold food storage bag! Now we can bring our own chilled beverages along anywhere we wish together with hot food, all conveniently placed in one single carrier.

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Itsy Reviews

I personally vet all of the suppliers we work with and take great care in ensuring that all of our products are BPA Free and go through the correct testing procedures before they reach you! If it's good enough for my family, it's good enough for yours.


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We've got everything covered to give your little ones the healthiest start in life with less hassle... check out the rest of the range here:

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