Itsy Super Saver Bundle

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Itsy Insulatez

The all new insulated bag that maintains the ideal temperature. Includes 2 x Itsy Collapsing Snack Pots!

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Itsy Finger Feeder

The Itsy Finger Feeder is the perfect snack pot for on the go babies & toddlers! Available in grey or purple!

Itsy Silicone Snack + Store Tray

The versatile silicone storage solution for babies & children of all ages. Available in Grey and Purple!

Itsy Spoonz

3 x Silicone-tipped Bamboo spoons ideal for weaning.


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Itsy Silicone Suction Bowl

The no mess suction bowl that's both practical and pretty - now in cool grey!

Itsy Collapsing Silicone Snack Pots

Space-saving silicone snack pots for flexible storage.

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Itsy Popsicle Lollypop Moulds

4 x food-grade, BPA-Free silicone lollypop moulds for helping a teething child or simply cooling down on a warm sunny day.

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