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Portable Baby Food Blender – Itsy Blitz


Tackle weaning on-the-go with the world’s first handheld & rechargeable baby blender.

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What’s included with our portable baby food blender?

We include everything you need for the ultimate feeding freedom.

Worldwide travel adapter

We don’t just supply a USB plug with our Itsy Blitz, oh no… We’ve included a worldwide plug adapter and cable that means you can take your Itsy Blitz to over 150 countries and still get this little baby charged up. Travel adventures here we come!

Neoprene carry case

We know life gets a little messy sometimes, which is why we’ve included a wipeable, Itsy Neoprene carry case with every Itsy Blitz blender.  Simply pop in the blender, zip it up and away you go!  This handy carry case will also fit the charging base and one plug and cable too for those adventures further afield.

Micro-USB charging dock

We chose to use Micro-USB technology for our discreet charging base so that a compatible cable and plug was never too far away! Thanks to this, you can charge your Itsy Blitz anywhere that you can find a USB socket meaning the recharging locations really are endless.

Detachable Bowl & Spoon

It might not seem that obvious, but the blitzing dome that covers the blade is actually the feeding bowl as well. It holds 190ml which is around the perfect single portion for a weaning baby. We also supply a neat feeding spoon that doubles up as a cover for the On/Off button so that the Itsy Blitz doesn’t accidentally get switched on in transit!

Recipes to get you started

Included in our User Guide are five great family recipes to try out on the whole family! From a delicious organic vegetable pasta to cinnamon, oat & blueberry muffins we’ve got your covered if you just don’t know where to start.

We’ve even included a QR code on the packaging with instructions how to use it too.


We know leaving the house on time is no mean feat when it comes to parenting so we’ve created the world’s first handheld and rechargeable baby food blender!

This little device is perfect for creating fresh, nutritious meals for your baby right there and then…wherever you are! Simply pop some healthy ingredients into the blending bowl and make a portion. Then feed away with the detachable spoon!

At just 18cm it’s perfectly portable and is as easy to use at home as it is in the local restaurant, a friend’s house or even take with you on holiday!

It even comes with a carry case, travel adapter and charging dock ready for all your adventures.

Ready. Set. WEAN!

Here’s all the techie bits that you might want to know (we’d want to know too):

Height:  18cm (Itsy Blitz only)

Weight:  540g (Itsy Blitz only)

Battery:  10c Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, good enough for 20 meals in between charges.

Blades: 304 Stainless Steel

Bowl: 190ml capacity, made from food-grade, BPA Free Polypropylene.

Amazing little product, I’ve taken this everywhere. You never really know where and when it will come in handy. It’s perfect for weaning through all the stages. It’s easy to use and clean and the battery lasts for ages, I would totally recommend this product.

– Michael

So handy for being out and about when no food places want to blend food for your little ones. Now she can come and eat out with us with no worries. My daughter is nearly 1 and although the bowl looks small it fits a really good amount in

– Amazon customer

Absolutely love this!!!! Fab piece of kit! Small, blends well, not too loud. Would definitely recommend to anyone doing purée weaning!

– Jessica

Amazing little gadget, ideal for whipping up a meal for baby in an instant, I love it and think it’s great, good price too, not too expensive at £39.99 but definitely worth it, dishwasher safe too, comes out nice and clean. Also comes with a little carry bag so you can take it out with you. Although I’ve not tried this yet, the quality seems and looks great.
Only downside is I have Parkinsons, so when my meds haven’t fully kicked in, I do struggle to get the bottom bit off, but that’s nothing to do with the product itself.


I was just going about Amazon when I bumped into this product, fell in love with the concept and then order it, not expecting much as this baby girl of mine is my fourth child, she was about to be six month, I was setting myself to the baby led weaning movement but was worried about those moments when I was to be out, didn’t want her clothes dirty, nor to go through special orders at restaurants.
This proved to be the perfect solution, I am a fan of Wagamama, and this was perfect, I discovered pretty early that need more liquid that anticipated, but something got to give.
I was so happy with the product that I made it my gift to everybody I knew having babys around me, including my sister who lives in America, the different adaptors is a really great idea.

– Mommy A

This is a fabulous little godsend!! I love it! We have been using it for weaning and it wil be coming on holiday with us too whilst we carry on the weaning process. For smoother textures just add a little more water or milk and it makes quite a textured purée as standard. Can also be lumpy just adjust how long you blend! Itsy have been fabulous help as I misplaced part of the machine and they supplied a replacement!
Fab customer service very quick!

– Gemma

Great little blender. So good that it’s cordless so it can be used when out and about. It took me a little while to work out how it works but as soon as I had its easy to use. This is really good that it comes with the different plug adapters.

– Pianna

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