Kendamil Classic Stage 3 (12 Months +) Toddler Formula 6-pack


Kendamil Classic formula Stage 3 is perfect for toddlers after the first year. Families may continue to use this stage as a breastmilk supplement or as well balanced nutrition to fill in the gaps in newly formed solid food diets. This high-quality toddler milk comes with 900g British powdered milk per tin.

A British family business with 60 years’ experience in producing the best quality baby and toddlers milks available, Kendamil is committed to your family’s nutrition. Full cream whole British cow’s milk gives this toddler milk the natural goodness needed for healthy bones, strong minds, and natural energy for your little one to grow on.

Loaded with rich vitamins and minerals—such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and DHA obtained without hexane extraction that is fish oil free, Kendamil Classic toddler formula is designed with every child in mind. Kendamil classic does not contain palm oil, soy, or artificial ingredients, which is better for your toddler and the environment!

Kendamil toddler formula provides a natural source of energy through their whole milk recipe. Parents and caregivers can rest assured that their toddler will not receive non lactose sugars of any kind.

Behind Kendamil is a passionate local team of formulators, scientists, and quality experts who’ve devoted their lives to researching the best ingredients for your little one. They believe being closer to nature will make a formula that is kinder to babies and their world, so you will never find harmful, unregulated ingredients, preservatives, maltodextrin, or GMOs used.

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