Kendamil Classic Stage 1 (0-6 Months) Baby Formula 6-pack


Kendamil Classic formula Stage 1 is perfect for babies starting at birth. Families may use this stage as a breastmilk supplement or as a well balanced alternative. This high-quality baby formula comes with 900g British formula powder per tin.Produced in the United Kingdom, Kendamil has invested in our children and their futures for 60 years by producing the very best in infant nutrition. Each Kendamil Classic stage is made with a variety of vitamins and minerals, and full cream whole British cow’s milk. The natural goodness that comes with each formula will support your baby’s growth and development today and set a strong foundation for a healthy future.

Made with 100% British cow’s milk that is naturally rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Zinc, Kendamil is one of the few formulations on the market to use natural whole milk fats. Kendamil classic is proudly manufactured without palm oil, making it better for babies and the environment. This formula is also vegetarian friendly by using plant-based sources for Omega 3 & 6, rather than fish oils, a natural allergen and threat to our world’s fish stocks. As you can see, Kendamil’s commitment to the world your children will inherit is real.

At Kendamil, they also believe that only the cleanest ingredients should be used in making baby formulas. Therefore, families will never find preservatives, soy, sugar, maltodextrin, or GMOs used in Kendamil classic formulas. Kendamil is a reliable company that even the British royal family appreciates, and has a wide variety of formula options to meet each individual baby’s needs and developmental stage.

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