Itsy Ultimate Weaning Bundle

Everything you need to start weaning – a portable baby food blender, 3 x Silicone Bamboo spoons, a silicone suction bowl and store tray for any extras.

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Itsy Blitz

The portable baby food blender for here, there and everywhere.

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Itsy Spoonz

3 x Silicone-tipped Bamboo spoons ideal for weaning.

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Itsy Silicone Suction Bowl

The no mess suction bowl that's both practical and pretty.

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Itsy Silicone Snack + Store Tray

The versatile silicone storage solution for babies & children of all ages.

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Everything you need to tackle the wonderful world of weaning!

In this bundle, you’ll be armed with our unique and award-winning Itsy Blitz portable blender, a set of 2 x beautiful bamboo/silicone spoons to support independent feeding, an Itsy Silicone Suction Bowl for mess free feeding and our flexible Itsy Snack & Store Tray for storing up to 400ml of batch-prepped baby food. Or finger food. Or your own snack lunch for weaning adventures here, there & everywhere!

This bundle is designed to have everything you need to start the first months of weaning.. and beyond!