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Itsy Silicone Suction Bowl


The no mess suction bowl that’s both practical and easy to use!

  • Reduces mess
  • Stay put suction
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Product benefits


The perfect weaning and self-feeding accessory, the Itsy silicone suction bowl is spacious, secure and easy to clean thanks to it’s silicone design. The Itsy silicone suction bowl also has a high back wall to prevent spillages and messy mealtimes! Complete with a powerful suction cup that stays in one place when feeding, it can be easily removed using the release tab for quick removal and cleaning.

Our Itsy Silicone bowl is safe to use in the microwave, steriliser and the oven (yes you read that right!).  The strength of the food grade silicone we use is strong enough to withstand any oven’s heat – so bake away folks!

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