Itsy Pure Flow

Instinctive milk delivery that puts baby in control.

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Baby bottles haven’t seen an advance in technology in decades… until now!

Our Itsy Pure Flow baby bottles offer instinctive feeding nutrition that is delivered at neutral pressure – the same as breast – enabling baby to feed instinctively as nature intended.

Each bottle has a built in variable flow system that allows you to adjust the flow progressively for your baby’s development, and ventilation that relieves the vacuum from the bottle as fluid is expressed from the teat.

There is a pressure regulator that separates the liquid in the bottle from the liquid in the teat, relieving gravity weight of the fluid from pressurising the teat, and best yet – only five parts required, all BPA Free, Steriliser safe and dishwasher safe.


Itsy Pure Flow® – clever engineering for the healthiest start in life

Clever – A unique combination of bespoke parts that intuitively mimic the breast, so that baby can maintain their natural rhythm

Safe –    Our patented disc and vent technology provides anti-choke and anti-gag protection against the causes of gagging, choking, colic and wind often caused by the pressures and gravities of the milk in the teat.

Progressive – With instinctive feeding controlled by baby, only one teat and a unique variable flow system, Itsy Pure Flow allows complete control of the flow.

Progressive – Our unique technology lets baby control the rhythm, with the added option of being able to reduce to a slower flow with a simple twist for those gulping too quickly.

Hygienic – No extra unhygienic, hard to clean tubes or valves here – just five cleverly designed parts that give you everything you need for instinctive feeding as nature intended.

Convenient – Sealed twist action means travel without the worry of spillage caused by dislodged bottle covers!

Each Itsy Pure Flow pack includes:

  • 2 x Itsy Pure Flow baby feeding bottles, complete with dome cover and our ground-breaking anti-choke, anti-colic disc.
  • 1 x Itsy Pure Flow wide-neck teat.
  • Our patented feeding technology delivers milk at natural pressure – the same as breast.


  • Unique engineered parts means baby can feed instinctively as nature intended – creating their own vacuum around the teat, or use the built in variable flow system that allows you to adjust the flow progressively for your baby’s development.


  • Innovative design protects against the causes of choking, gagging, wind and colic symptoms caused by unwanted pressure of the milk at the teat.


  • No more cumbersome unhygienic tubes or inserts to assemble and clean.


  • Ideal for travel, simply twist & seal the teat closed to prevent messy travel spillages.


  • BPA Free and Dishwasher / Microwave safe.


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