Itsy Guzzler

The clever all-in-one adapter that makes standard drinks kid-friendly in an instant.

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Who hasn’t forgotten to pack baby’s milk or a drink for the toddler occasionally?  Let’s face it, we all have at some point!

Well fear not – our ground-breaking Itsy Guzzler adapter turns most drink & formula products into a child or baby-friendly drinking vessel.  With 3 individual screw fittings that fit pre-made formula bottles, big brand water bottles and juice cartons, the Itsy Guzzler is on hand to save the day.

We supply anti-colic vented, orthodontic teats in three flow sizes – Slow, Medium and Fast Flow and a ‘Sippy Cup’ spout too.  But if you have a teat that little one swears by, then feel free to use your own standard neck teat in the Itsy Guzzler too – the best of both worlds.

We’ve even worked out how to take those half-finished drinks with you… Simply use one half of the pod cover to protect the teat in transit, and take that milk, water or juice with you.  Simples.

Formula ‘collar’

This useful little part can be screwed directly onto the thread of 200ml pre-made formula bottles all over the world (trust us, we’ve checked!) from brand such as Cow & Gate, Nutricia, and HiPP.  Simply unscrew the other two pieces and keep them safe and you can turn a pre-made formula bottle into a baby bottle in an instant.

Water bottle ‘collar’

Leaving the middle part of this adapter in places gives you a handy screw collar that can be attached to most major water bottle brands, including Evian and Volvic, and many more available around the world.  Handy for adventures anywhere away from home, or simply to keep spills to a minimum at home too!

Juice box ‘spike’

This handy spike is designed to be screwed into the straw hole of any juice box available around the globe. When screwed in, it forms a water-tight seal (it’s been tested to British Standards to ensure this is the case) and turns a regular juice carton into a sippy cup for little one.  The leak-proof seal is good for 24 hours, and the pod cover can be used to take a half-finished carton with you.  No more squirting straws the moment you hand over a newly open juice carton!

Pod cover

We supply a pod to house all the adapter pieces together so you can carry the Itsy Guzzler around with ease.  Plus, they double up as a cap for an unfinished bottle too to keep spills to a minimum.

Our Itsy Guzzler adapters are made with food grade, BPA-free Polypropylene plastic.

All teats (including ‘sippy’ spout) sold with our Itsy Guzzler are 100% silicone.

Slow, Medium and Fast Flow teats are designed with an orthodontic design and anti-colic vents.

All teats (including ‘sippy’ spout) are ‘standard neck’ teats, which means they can be easily swapped out with other branded teats that are the same size.

All Itsy Guzzler adapters are made in Britain and complies with British Standard EN14350.


Which brands of pre-made formula milk will the Itsy Guzzler fit?

In the UK, the Itsy Guzzler fits HiPP, Cow & Gate and any 200ml bottle made by Nutricia. The Itsy Guzzler will also screw into any formula carton such as those made by SMA and others.


Can I use my own teats in the Itsy Guzzler?

Yes you can! Our Guzzler is designed to fit ‘standard neck’ teats so you can use your own teats at any point, just swap them out simply and easily.


How big is the Itsy Guzzler?

The adapter measures just 18cm long and is tiny enough to keep in any handbag or changing bag.


Does the Itsy Guzzler leak?

No it doesn’t – the Itsy Guzzler complies with British Standard EN14350 which means testing for leaks when each of the adapter pieces has been fitted. This includes when screwed into a juice box in place of a straw – just be careful not to over-tighten or you’ll break the leak-proof seal.





    Great little gadget.

  2. Saima Akram

    Amazing for on the go

  3. Jess D

    Fab for when we’re out and about, now we don’t need to carry lots of bottles about

  4. Ashley Slinger (verified owner)

    I ordered the Itsy guzzler after parttimeworkingmummy showed your products on her page. Wow!!! What a simple but incredible little gadget, I wish these were available when I had my first baby 3 years ago. It will be amazing for holidays, days out etc and so handy to keep in the baby bag. I love the idea of not having to take sterilised bottles wherever we go. Thank you so so much. 100% recommend to anyone with little ones xx

  5. Natalie Garratt

    This is a great little product for when you are out and about with a little one. My toddler loves juice cartons but has a tendency to squeeze and also to lose the straw! This simply screws on and provides a sippy spout. Just be careful not to screw it on too tight.

  6. SArah Parks

    This is a brilliant product. My son is just 1 and wants to be like his big brother and drink out of juice cartons or water bottles but ends up covered in it. The sippy cup teat guzzler allows him to drink whilst out and about without making any mess.
    We would definitely recommend!

  7. amy donohue

    The itsy guzzler is a life saver
    So compact it takes up no space in the bag
    Perfect for if I’m caught out unprepared
    Iv used it on water bottles and the instant formula bottles
    I will be buying more as baby shower gifts! Perfect

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