Itsy Guzzler Replacement Teats (2-pack)

The clever all-in-one adapter that makes standard drinks kid-friendly in an instant.


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Our standard neck teats are orthodontic, anti-colic vented and fit the Itsy Guzzler perfectly.  Available in 4 sizes and sold as a pack of 2, they are ideal for moving up to the next flow or simply having spares to hand!

We offer a slow flow teat (ideal for 0-3 months old), a medium flow teat (ideal for 2-4 months), a fast flow teat (ideal for 3-6 months) and our ‘sippy’ spout/teat for a more free flow aimed at 6m+.

Remember: these ages are a guide only – you know your baby better than anyone and will be able to tell when they’re ready for a faster flow.

Each twin pack includes 2 x silicone, standard neck teats ideal for moving up a stage with your little one or simply to have spares.

Our teats are 100% silicone, orthodontic design and include anti-colic vents too.  They are steriliser safe and will fit into any bottle that use standard neck teats.

We offer slow flow (great for 0-3m), medium flow (great for 2-4m), fast flow (great for 3-6m) and a sippy ‘spout’ too for a much more free-flowing delivery ideal for those aged 6 months all the way up to 4 years old and beyond!

Our Itsy Guzzler adapters are made with food grade, BPA-free Polypropylene plastic.

All teats (including ‘sippy’ spout) sold are 100% silicone.

Slow, Medium and Fast Flow teats are designed with an orthodontic design and anti-colic vents.

All teats (including ‘sippy’ spout) are ‘standard neck’ teats, which means they can be easily swapped out with other branded teats that are the same size.

All Itsy Guzzler adapters are made in Britain and complies with British Standard EN14350.


What ages are the teats designed for?

As a guide, our slow flow teat is great for most babies aged 0-3m,  Our medium flow teat is great for 2-4m and our fast flow is great for babies aged 3-6months.

Our sippy cup teat is great for babies aged 6m+.

Remember – these ages are only a guide – you know your baby better than anyone and will be able to tell when they’re ready for a faster flow.


How should I store the teats when not in use?

If you have a spare teat, this will sit nicely over the spike part of the Itsy Guzzler adapter, giving you an extra teat when out & about, and keeping it clean too.

When storing other spare teats, be careful not to leave in direct sunlight.


How do I wash the teats?

Simply wash in warm soapy water and rinse well before each use.  Do not turn the teats inside out for cleaning as this may cause damage.

Be careful not to leave the teat for longer than recommended in sterilising solution or disinfectant.


Can I sterilise the teats in a microwave steamer?

No, the teats are not designed to be used in a microwave.