Itsy Essentialz Bag & Guzzler


Make life that Itsy bit easier with our Itsy Essentialz bag & Guzzler bundle. Perfect for on-the-go, popping to the shops and you’ll even save a few quid too.

  • Small & portable
  • Feed easily on-the-go
  • Handy storage pockets

Itsy Guzzler

Make drinks kid-friendly in an instant with this 3-in-1 neat teat.

Re-usable & available with four teat flows or use your own standard/narrow neck teats.

Itsy Essentialz Bag

Perfectly-sized to carry our Itsy Guzzlers, formula, nappies, wipes & more!

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On-the-go? Forever carrying big bags with the baby stuff? Look no further! We’ve paired together our brand new Essentialz bag with our best selling Itsy Guzzler to make life just that bit easier.

Itsy Essentialz
Designed by parents, for parents it fits most pre-made formula bottles, nappies, wipes and our Itsy Guzzlers. It even comes with a buckle strap, perfect for attaching to the pram or shopping trolley to keep your hands free!

With the handy additional storage pockets you can even carry your phone, keys and wallet with you.

Itsy Guzzler
** We are experiencing huge demand for Medium, Fast and Sippy Guzzlers and are currently shipping orders to customers within 7-10 days **

Forgotten the milk or juice for the little one? Fear not – our ground-breaking Itsy Guzzler adapts most formula bottles and juice cartons into child and baby friendly drinks. With 3 individual screw fittings, the guzzler fits formula bottles, juice cartons and even most standard water bottles!

Choose between three sizes – slow, medium, fast flow and a free-flowing “Sippy Cup” spout too. Our Itsy Guzzler is also interchangeable with other standard neck teats if you just can’t live without them!

With its pod cover lid you can take that milk, water or even juice with you on any adventure!

Teats supplied with the Itsy Guzzler are great for the following ages:

Slow Flow – Great for babies aged 0-3m.
Medium Flow – Great for babies aged 2-4m.
Fast Flow – Great for babies aged 3-6m.
Sippy Cup (free flow) – Great for babies aged 6m+.
Please remember that these ages are only a guide. You know your baby better than anyone and will be able to tell when they’re ready for a faster flow.

Not sure if it will fit your formula bottle? Check out the the list of brands it’s compatible with here.

Want a quick demo to see how it works? Click here.

Note: The guzzler doesn’t fit HIPP organic formula bottles.

1x Itsy Essentialz bag
1x Itsy Guzzler