Itsy Combi Feeding Starter Bundle

The perfect starter for our clever, instinctive milk delivery and warming/cooling bag.

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Itsy Insulatez

The all new insulated bag that maintains the ideal temperature.

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With this bundle, you’ll get a twin pack of our ground-breaking new Itsy Pure Flow bottles (180ml) along with our innovative Itsy Insulatez bag that will help you keep baby’s milk warm and your own snacks and treats cool at the same time!

Our Itsy Pure Flow features new, patented technology that delivers milk at neutral pressure, just like breast. Instinctive milk delivery that puts baby in control.

If you haven’t seen our Itsy Insulatez combo bag yet, you’ll love the separate compartments that keep the cool stuff cool… and the warm stuff warm – all in the same bag, at the same time!