Itsy Blitz Feeding Bundle

Our award-winning portable blender, pack of spoons and stylish silicone suction bowl.

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Itsy Blitz

The portable baby food blender for here, there and everywhere.

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Itsy Silicone Suction Bowl

The no mess suction bowl that's both practical and pretty.

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Itsy Spoonz

3 x Silicone-tipped Bamboo spoons ideal for weaning.

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Our Itsy Feeding Bundle contains everything you need for the first steps into weaning / complimentary feeding.

With this bundle, you get one of our award-winning Itsy Blitz portable blenders, a pack of our eco-friendly Bamboo/Silicone Spoonz and an Itsy Silicone Suction Bowl for no mess feeding (well, almost!).

This is out best value bundle, saving 10% off the purchase of all of these items individually.

Blender + Bowl + Spoonz = Easier weaning.