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Blitz through weaning with Itsy and the Mail Online

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Itsy understands that parenting is complicated enough, and small things can make a big difference. That includes appreciating the importance of family mealtimes especially in the development of early stage eating habits and the development of a healthy palate. Whether you are a family eating at home or on the go, encouraging baby led or spoon led weaning, we have you covered.

  • The stylish, portable, Itsy Blitz blends up a perfect baby sized portion of your family meal, wherever you are and whenever you want it.
  • The Itsy Guzzler can be added to most standard drinks to make them child friendly.
  • The Itsy Spoonz are ergonomically designed to allow little ones to take control of their own mealtimes and feed their independence.
  • The Itsy Insulatez bag will keep your food at the ideal temperature, whether that is warm or cold.

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At Itsy, we know that small wins can make a big difference..

Itsy Blitz

The portable baby food processor for here, there & everywhere

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Itsy Spoonz

Soft-tipped feeding that supports baby’s independence.

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Itsy Insulatez

The ground-breaking combo bag that maintains the ideal temperature.

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