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Top tried and tested weaning tips from the Itsy team (been there, done it all, got everything up our walls and more…)

1. This is all new guys, so remember to ease them in gently. Remember that the first year of their life isn’t about massive meals and packing in the nutrition as they’re still loving the milk life. Offer little & don’t expect much. This way you’ll both enjoy the journey more

2. Big bibs = big wins. Invest in ones that cover their body & are easy to pull off and clean (you can grab one of our handy Itsy Coverz for it all – et voila). Enjoy the mess though, the sensory experience for them is part of the learning.

3. Freeze ahead. Leftovers? Made too much? Pop them into trays and freeze for later. These wonderful blends of fruit and veg are perfect in sauces, yoghurt, smoothies & just as extras to pull out when you’re exhausted.

4. Do what is best for YOU! Baby led? Spoon fed? A bit of both? There’s no right way to wean, the only right way is your way. All of the team have weaned their little ones differently and ALL of them now eat huge bowls of pasta & love vegetables too. You know best!

5. Routine it! We know that babies like routine, so now is the perfect time to set your own –  Try to offer new foods at around the same time each day as they will begin to understand when to expect it. Offering it around the table with you all eating too can encourage trying new things too!


6. Don’t be afraid to spice it up. Once you’re into the swing of things offer some of your own meals, spices, and different textures. It can take up to fifteen attempts for your baby to accept certain foods or tastes, so give them plenty of chances to try again.


7. Be ready for a change of poop (okay that’s not really a top tip) but just brace yourself okay?


8. Invest in the goods. Blender (we’ve got a cool portable one), spoons, bowls, the lot. Get ready before you begin so you feel like you know exactly what you’re doing. It’s great to have plenty to hand too so that once you’re in an established routine you have everything you need handy (because let’s be honest you’re probably going to be making half of it with a baby on your hip).

9. Enjoy it. It sounds tough to do sometimes because there’s worries and overthinking, plus it’s all so new, but honestly, know that you’re doing amazing and your little one will genuinely adore the experience. You’re setting them up for life here, regardless of how slow and steady you take it, so take a deep breath, steam up that broccoli and let’s get this show on the road.

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