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Weaning 101

Things we wish someone had told us before we began (because they’re really that simple – but this food malarkey is a minefield, right?)

Introduce something new at breakfast or lunchtime

Babies digestive systems are super sensitive, so to ensure a better night’s sleep and a more comfortable dreamer offer earlier on to help their tiny tums.

Don’t stress about ‘how much’day

Crawling about, opening cupboards and climbing the ‘off limit’ staircase are just some of the thoughts going on in a little one’s mind that may triumph over a plate of broccoli. Some babies have HUGE appetites, and others don’t. Both normal. Keep offering, encouraging, and most importantly enjoying – food before one is just for fun.

Make your OWN schedule

Sickness, milk, preferences and more. Some babies take straight to the food life and others, well don’t. There’s no right or wrong on when or which meals to offer throughout the day. Don’t feel like you have to rush to three meals or panic about an increase of milk if your little one needs it. YOU know your baby best.

A grimace does NOT mean they don’t like it

Your baby’s tastes will evolve and change and it’s impossible to predict how and when this will happen. A meal they happily gobbled up one day can be rejected outright the nest. Did you know it can take up to TEN offerings of the SAME food before they’ll accept and try it? Remember this is all new to them. The textures, the tastes, the routine. Don’t stop the avocado just yet!

Messy is good. No, like seriously.

Messy eating is a normal part of children’s development. It develops fine motor skills and helps children learn about food and their world. Let them touch it, feel it between their fingers and feed themselves. If you allow your baby to GET MESSY and have fun exploring, they’re more likely to try and enjoy new foods.

We hope this helps (a little) happy weaning!!!

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