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Ways to Help Them Burn off Excess Energy Over Easter


Easter is such an exciting time for our little ones. They’re filled with sugar and over excitement in normal years, team that with maybe seeing people they haven’t seen in 12 months (or ever) means that sometimes you’re heading right towards a sugar-fuelled meltdown!

It’s moments like this where we end up getting frustrated at our kids because they will not just SIT DOWN and BE QUIET for 5 minutes. However it has been shown that their lack of discipline is sometimes down to the fact that they have so much excess energy from foods they’ve eaten.

I know we’re all sick of coming up with new ways to keep them entertained and it’s hard always being understanding of their frustrations. So we have compiled a list of quick exercises that can get them moving and hopefully expel some of that pent up energy they’re storing…⁠

1. Get them to run on the spot for 15 second bursts as fast as they can ⁠
2. Challenge them to see how many starjumps they can do in 30 seconds ⁠
3. Time how long they can balance on one leg for, then get them to try again on the other side ⁠
4. Make an “obstacle” course from one side of the room to the other – make it even more difficult by saying they can’t touch the floor⁠
5. Musical statues – what more do we have to say?⁠
6. Say a name of an animal and get them to act out how the animal would eat/sleep/dance⁠

You can also make activities 1-5 into a tournament by making a chart and keeping score every day, this will ensure they know they aren’t being punished and hopefully encourage a love of exercise for fun – you could even join in !

We know that as a parent you’re also a full-time entertainer working for no money so hopefully this helps a little bit.

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