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Breastfeeding advice from one mum to another...

things people don't tell you about breastfeeding

Things people don’t tell you about breastfeeding:

Cluster feeding

Breastfeeding can mean feeding your baby anywhere between 4 and 13 times in a 24 hour period, with feeds ranging in time from a few minutes to an hour. It’s hard, but it’s normal. Keep going, it will soon even itself out. Promise.

It HURTS (but shouldn’t for long)

Cracked nipples, blisters, and engorgement can happen in those first couple of weeks and it can feel like it will never end, but as baby learns the new skill of feeding it will subside. If you are still having a lot of pain and discomfort several weeks down the road then seek help & advice, midwives, health visitors and even social accounts are there for support. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

You’ll suddenly feel tired & sleepy YAWN

When you breastfeed you release oxytocin which can make you feel relaxed and tired, so make sure you’re comfy whilst you’re boobing. Enjoy those snooze filled cuddles. 

It’s not a straight road

…for me and many others, the road may feel long, rather bumpy, and sometimes so testing that you wish to give up. Remember that both yourself and your baby are learning a new skill, and these things take time. You’re doing a great job, know that you aren’t alone in these temporary struggles and it’s okay to ask for help. Before you know it you’ll be whipping out that boob here, there and everywhere and feel like you’re rocking it. Be gentle with yourself.

You’ll need more food & water

It takes energy and calories to produce milk and look after that tiny little creation you’ve just brought into the world. Ensure you have snacks and water to hand everywhere you would naturally sit down to feed. On the coffee table, by the bed, even in the car. Your body and energy levels will thank you for it. Happy mum = happy baby.

One position is not best

Forget how you see other people feeding, there are a number of ways to breastfeed that may work better for latching and comfort. The rugby, lying on your side, and sitting baby up are just SOME to mention a few, ask a specialist for more ideas or pop onto YouTube.

Breast is not always best, INFORMED is

It is true that breast milk is like liquid gold, but ONLY if its the way in which you wish to feed. If you are struggling with low supply, latching issues, it’s impacting your mental health OR you simply just don’t want to breastfeed, then do what is best for YOU. Seek advice, support, and read up on every option – the decisions you make are the right ones because you know what is best for your baby, and there is absolutely no shame in your personal choices.

Need more support or want some questions answered? Don’t be afraid to drop us a DM via @itsykids – our parenting team is full of experience and forever there for a chat or help (if we can!) You’re honestly doing amazing, I’m super proud of you. Han xo


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