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Teething foods that SOOTHE

On average, babies will get their first tooth around 6 months of age, but there really is no specific age that a baby will start teething. Whilst it’s an exciting milestone, many parents dread the pain and discomfort it can put their little ones through in the process.

With that in mind, here’s our top regular / cupboard essential foods to ease teething pain (or at least distract from it). ⁠

Watermelon: straight from the fridge, cool, soft, and delicious.⁠ It’s a weaning friendly option from the word go and contains plenty of water too for happy hydration.

Rice crackers with hummus: baby rice cakes are great for something to really suck and chew on, and are readily available in delicious flavours. Add a nutritional homemade hummus for something soft, cool, and yummy – great as a lunch option too! 

Cucumber: Cucumbers have long been used as a natural pain reliever. Cut into rings and keep in the fridge or even dip into fruit purees and freeze for a homemade teether.⁠ 

Smoothie bowls: No chewing, full of nutrients and cool for the gums. Perfect.⁠ Freeze brown bananas and whiz to make ‘nice’ cream that little ones will truly love. 

Frozen yoghurt: Make into lollies or little yoghurt drops. Quick, easy, and healthier than ice cream.⁠ Opt for full fat yoghurt from the supermarket as it contains essential fats and plenty of the good stuff. 

Cinnamon: Contains a natural analgesic property to soothe pains. Pop into baking or your purees! ⁠

What are you favourite options for teething? Help us help parents by tagging us @itsykids.

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