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Sugar Alternatives for Easter

We know that over the weekend you and the kids will be indulging in all the delicious chocolate goodies that friends, siblings, parents, neighbours have given to you. Now firstly we want to say – DO NOT feel guilty about any of it, you deserve a treat and my gosh how good does chocolate taste!? But if you are feeling a bit sluggish already or dreading a big weekend of excess why not swap out some of these healthier alternatives to processed cane sugar in your cooking…

1. Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is delicious and so easy to make! Simply peel chop an apple into small chunks. Cook the apple on a low heat until it is starting to get nice and mushy. Add that and a splash of water to cool to your Itsy Blitz and you’re ready. You can add this to porridge in the morning or use it as an alternative to oils in vegan baking.

2. Raisins

You can slowly boil raisins in water to makes a tasty syrup that is as sweet as Maple Syrup. Add raisin syrup to pancakes, or in homemade oat bars for a sweet taste without the empty calories.

3. Coconut Sugar

This is a healthier alternative to cane sugar. It is made directly from the fruit so is less processed and has less chemicals than most sugar you can buy in the super markets. You can swap it out in any recipes that use sugar – you could even try it in your next cuppa !

4. Real Fruit Jam

If the jam is made from 100% real fruit then jam can be a great addition to baby’s diet as it has a sweet flavour that they love and contains lots of delicious fruity goodness. Try making jam soldiers on toast or Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches for a quick mid-afternoon snack.

We hope this helps a little bit, and if they still end up bouncing off the walls all weekend then check out our blog post on energy burning exercises for Easter.

Good luck parents ! Have a safe Easter x

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