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Simple Ways to Sweeten Without Sugar

There’s no doubt in our minds (we’ve seen it first hand) that little ones are drawn to the sweeter sides of life. Whilst this can sometimes be a little worrying when trying to stay as healthy as possible, it is possible to combat the sweet tooth without compromising on nutrition.

Apple sauce:

Opt for sweeter types of apple, cook and blend to make a sugar free sauce that is perfect on its own, as a topper, or mixed with muffins. With a high water content, it also makes bakes extremely soft and moist, so weaning mouths can enjoy some of your favourite family recipes.


Full of potassium, cheap, ready to eat, and EVER so sweet. This fruit is legitimately one of the best and easiest ways to sweeten meals in seconds. Simply mash and mix – check out our recipe with Annabel Karmel for the most delicious pancakes. They’re certainly a family favourite here!

Unsweetened dried fruits:

Apricots and raisins are just some of the fantastic options available everywhere in supermarkets. Soak in water and blend for a wonderful syrup like sweetener, or chop and add straight into bakes. Prunes are also a wonderful option to blend and add to baby purees!


Boil up some berries and create a sweet and sticky sauce for breakfast time. Nothing says a Friday treat quite like peanut butter and ‘jam’ on toast, great for adults too!

Honey (if your child is over one):

If over the age of one, honey is a great substitute for sugar and a fantastic cupboard staple. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, this great all round spread can be used in bakes, when snacking, on the go, and as a topper. The list is quite literally endless.

Who else will be making the banana and cocoa pancakes above? Tag us in your creations over at @itsykids. YUM!