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Right Now It’s Tough

Right now it’s tough isn’t it?

It’s tough to know what’s best to do, whether you’re filling your child with educational lessons, whether they’re being stimulated enough.

You think you’re doing ok and then you scroll Instagram and see that Barbara has provided sensory play, tummy time, organic meals every second of every day and suddenly you feel like a failure.

You’re not a failure. Never ever ever have been. You’re exactly what your child needs and don’t ever forget that.

So don’t worry, don’t panic and stop comparing.

It’s ok if they had a lot of screen time today.

It’s ok if you’re all in pyjamas for the whole week.

It’s ok if you can’t remember when you last washed your hair.

It’s ok if you gave them a spoon to play with so you could drink your hot coffee.

It’s ok if you’re waiting for bedtime.

It’s ok if you crave some alone time to recharge.

It’s ok if there were tears shed (yours and the babies).

I’m with you mamas, we all are and never feel like you aren’t enough. You’re more than enough. More than ever, we really are in this together xx

– Chelsea Watson @chelseaandscarlett_x