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Rainbow Sensory Play


An integral part of this world and growing up is to teach children to be proud of themselves and their families, and celebrate diversity. Whatever their age, we can take part in pride and encourage respect for all people, promote a positive environment, and talk about LGBTQ issues the same way you would approach any topic: with respect, openness and love.

So even with babies, here’s our favourite ways to ‘pride play’ and show off that beautiful rainbow:

Rainbow Spaghetti:

– Take a packet of spaghetti and cook until soft

– Separate into plastic zip lock bags

– Add two drops of food colouring to each and rub and shake until covered

– Leave to soak up for an hour or two

– Remove from bags, dab with kitchen roll to take off excess ink

– Pop in a tray or bowl and PLAY!

Rainbow foam:

– Take your Itsy Blitz ® or blender

– Add 2 tsp of fairy liquid

– Pop in a drop of food colouring

– Add a splash of water

– Close the lid shut tight and lock it once these three ingredients are inside and blend away.

– Foam will rise!

– Empty into a cup, rinse, and start again with a new colour.

– Add all into a tray or bowl and PLAY!

Rainbow in a bag:

– Take three or four different colours of child safe paint and squirt little blobs into a sealable plastic bag

– Fasten

– Pop onto a tray or head into the garden (just incase it gets messy) and let your little one push and prod the bag to mix the colours and create beautiful rainbows!

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