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Playdating 101 with Itsy

There are certain things that many us parents feel passionately about, and luckily, many of us can agree upon, right? Meeting up with children is a messy affair and it’s totally about the 0 judgement, so here’s to following the rules below that no one should break when they host a playdate or bring their little one over someone else’s house.

  • Don’t ever ever ever show up early. Ever. In fact the later the better sometimes as parenthood seems to run behind constantly right?


  • Stop for coffee and bring all the snacks (not for the babies, for you) you definitely deserve it.


  • Dress code: comfy clothes and 0 effort. No judgement here!


  • FINALLY reply to messages / calls / social life whilst the little ones are distracted, with nobody to give you a ‘tut tut’.


  • Moan about everything and anything. Get it out. Don’t hold back. The best thing about parent get togethers is that EVERYONE understands what you’re going through.


  • Laugh at the mess and say ‘you should see the state of mine’. Laugh. Then cry. Then laugh again.


  • Compliment one another, constantly. Even if not expected it is needed. You’re doing a great job!


  • Laugh and joke about ‘milestones’ and ‘failures’. Comparison is the thief of joy and so many parents worry about whether they are doing enough.


  • Put something on other than Disney+ (or try to, we can dream right?)


  • RELAX. Take five minutes to breathe and enjoy being ‘YOU’.

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