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Ain't no hood like MOTHERHOOD

Having a bad day? Doubting yourself as a parent?

I want you to know that we’ve all been there, in fact many of us are sharing the moment with you as I speak. It’s normal, it’s part of parenthood.

So here I am with a few little reminders to pick you back up and spread a little positivity (or so I hope).

Amazing ‘first times’ to celebrate and look back on how far you’ve come:

1. That big and exciting first trip out in the pram.

2. That first night’s sleep after birth, waking every five minutes because you have no bloody idea what you’re doing.

3. That first FULL day alone with baby.

4. That first bath time, where that tiny human in your hands feels so squishy and fragile.

5. That first time you wore clothes that didn’t make you feel like the ‘Walking Dead’.

6. That first mama cry, where you felt like you couldn’t continue, and then bloody did.

7. That first public meltdown where you felt like everyone was staring, but you handled it and no one really gave a sh*t.

8. That very first feed, when it hits you you’re a parent and this is your life now.

9. That first milestone that you said you wouldn’t be bothered about.

10. That first tiny photo that you’ll pine over forever and ever.

11. That first ‘unwanted’ comment that you brushed off because YOU know best.

12. That first giggle. Like literally that first giggle is pure gold.

13. That first feeling of ultimate exhaustion, that you’re still feeling now BUT you’re bossing it.

14. That first time they’re gaining weight and you’re like I DID IT. I DID THAT. I grew and continue to grow a human.

15. That first rush of love, and you don’t know how you can possibly love them any more, but by god every day you do.

Be kind and patient to yourself in this huge transformation guys. You may feel some days like you’re just about pulling it together but look at every single thing you have achieved.

There is no one more of an expert than where you are now, this is MOTHERHOOD!!

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