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Hannah's Lockdown Labour Bag Essentials

As we all well know, hospital policies are forever changing to protect expectant parents and their babies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know this must be stressful (I myself whilst writing this am 35 weeks pregnant and completely understand) – with all of the changes, many of you have probably been left wondering if your hospital bag list will require additional items and whether it’s worth packing more (or even less). So I’ve done some digging to help us all get that bag packed, and put our minds at ease…

Okay so there’s good news. 90% of the items you’ll need during your labour and delivery will remain the same.

Prep your birth plan, pack your personal items: phone, chargers, slippers, towels, a change of clothing, toiletries etc (a little tip of mine from my first labour is to pack flip flops for the shower – a little bit of extra comfort you know?)

Items for baby, like it’s first outfit will also be the same, car seat, nappies etc etc – you know the drill.

Basically whatever you would have originally packed, but here are a few extra items (if you feel you need them).

Research into ‘Essential Oils’ :

It may not be your ‘thing’ exactly but these babies are proven to help anxiety and tension, two huge emotions you may be feeling once everything gets going. Science has found that using essential oils can affect your pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration and stress responses, cool right? So have a look (and sniff) at the ones that work for you. We recommend: Citrus + Lavender based, hugely popular in birth!

Masks + Hand Sanitisers:

You’ll be used to this by now and of course the hospital will have plenty to spare, but if you’re feeling like you want to be next level organised (or simply have masks & sanitisers you prefer) pack extra in your bag for as and when you need them. Milton (baby safe) do some fantastic antibacterial gels, sprays, and wipes – that are perfect for the baby bag after labour too, so it may be worth stocking up for the long run!

A LONG phone charger:

With visitors out of the window, depending on your length of stay you may wish to call / FaceTime and of course send LOTS of pictures. Order a long cable that means you can do it from the comfort of your hospital bed – you’ll of course be tired and need rest, so having small but useful extras like this can make the world of difference.

All in all, experts have said to try and pack to a MINIMUM, most hospitals are allowing patients to leave early due to the pandemic (bring on home comforts!) so pack less, but wisely.

What were your top essentials when giving birth in a pandemic? Share with us at @itsykids and we can share with those who need it most!

lockdown labour bag essentials

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