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Itsy Finger Feeder - Snack Ideas

Whether you’re heading to the airport, taking a road trip, having coffee, a playdate, or simply want to ensure you have food at the read, these quick, healthy toddler snacks will help keep your toddler full and happy in our Itsy Finger Feeder.


Idea 1  – Wholegrain Crackers + Grated Cheese

This simple and quick snack is full of healthy fats and carbs so it’ll provide balanced energy for your little one. Grated cheese is also perfect for keeping little hands busy and building motor skills whilst using the Itsy Finger Feeder. Yum! 


Idea 2  – Sandwich Cubes

Whether your little one likes peanut butter and homemade jam (see our Instagram for a super easy recipe!), cream cheese and cucumber, grated cheese, or even hummus, a simple favourite sandwich diced up is easy to pop into the pot and snack away on all day! 


Idea 3  – Fresh Fruit

Berries are packed full of antioxidants and a delicious, easy way of ensuring your little one is snacking on healthy options. You could even dip in yoghurt + free beforehand to add a little fun extra. Simple can be just as tasty! 


Idea 4  – Energy Balls

With natural sweetness and a soft cookie like flavour, these little bites are yummy and nutritious. Add in your favourite extras such as raisins, coconut, chia seeds + cocoa powder to keep them ever so interesting and easy to please. Note: these will sit happily in our Finger Feeders for hours and still be just as delicious! See our blog for recipe details.


Idea 5  – LEFTOVERS!

Whether it’s pasta, potatoes, or a bit of cold meat and veggies, snack time is an excellent time to up the nutrition, so using leftovers as mini meals is a smart toddler feeding strategy. Remember that our Itsy Finger Feeders have lids too so you’ll never have to worry about it spilling! 


Idea 5  – Pancake Strips

Who doesn’t love pancakes?! Slice a few small ones (we have a range of inspiration on our social media) and let them snack to their hearts’ content. Perfect savoury or sweet AND a good option for Baby Led Weaning beginners. 


That’s hangry babies sorted PHEW – now let’s get snacking! 

What’s your go to to simple finger food? Share your tips & mini recipes with others by tagging us across our socials at @itsykids.

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