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Signs they're ready for weaning

ready for weaning

They’re growing every day and those first few months have flown by!
Now that they’re slightly older y
ou might be thinking that they could be ready to start on solid food…

Here are a few signs that could mean your little one is ready for weaning:

Their neck muscles have developed

One of the first indications that your baby might be ready for weaning is when they can sit up without support and hold their head steady.

Hand-eye coordination

When hand, eye, and mouth coordination starts to improve this indicates that they may soon be able to pick their food up and then be able to put the food into their mouth. 

Being able to swallow

Until your baby is ready to wean, their tongue will automatically force any food back out of their mouth to avoid choking, if you are unsure you can give baby something very soft & mushy (like a piece of banana) and observe whether their throat is rejecting it, or learning to swallow.

Wing it

The most important thing to remember is that all babies develop at different speeds and you know them better than anyone. If you are not sure if your baby is ready to wean or not, speak to a local health care professional, who should be able to help.

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