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Immune Boosting Foods

It can be hard making sure your children eat well, eat the right foods and are getting all the nutrients they need, especially if you have a fussy eater – don’t worry we hear you!

Some children prefer vegetables, some prefer fruit or you may be one of those lucky parents where they like both.

As we know nurseries and schools can be full of germs and children love to bring them home and share them with the rest of the family, therefore it’s just as important to not only make sure your children are getting all the right nutrients and vitamins but you are too.

Vitamin C is probably one of the most important vitamins, especially when it comes to fighting off those coughs and colds. Oranges, mango and pineapples are full of vitamin C and are an easy snack to give your children. For the older ones try cutting them into quarters so they can suck out all the juices, just be careful they don’t try and eat the skin too!

Another firm favourite amongst children is strawberries, also packed full of vitamin C. If your child isn’t quite so keen, let them dip the strawberry into yoghurt and make it a playful snack to eat.

If your child prefers vegetables then broccoli, cauliflower and sweet red peppers would be your go to for vitamin C. Broccoli is also packed full of vitamin D, which we all know can uplift your mood.

For those of you that do have a fussy eater try making a smoothie out of both the veg and fruit, the sweetness from the fruit complements the bland taste of veg well. Add spinach, a tasteless leafy veg but also packed full of iron and vitamin D. Both spinach and broccoli can turn the smoothie green – tell your little one it’s monster juice! This might tickle their tastebuds into trying it.

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