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immune boosting breakfasts

Immune Boosting Breakfasts for Mum, Bump & Baby

Over the last few months it’s become even more vitally important to have a strong, fighting fit immune system, and food can be a fantastic way of fending off illness and keeping our bodies strong. Autumn and Winter are usually when sickness, colds and flu are at their peak and we worry about keeping our little ones (and ourselves) healthy and happy, so here’s a few of our favourite IMMUNE BOOSTING BREAKFASTS for mum, bump, and baby.

Yoghurt and Berries:

A firm household favourite for many and one that so many babies are happy to finish. Yoghurt is a versatile, delicious, and protein packed breakfast option and adding berries ups the antioxidants. WIN WIN. You can use our Itsy Blitz blender to make a range of fantastic fruit purees which are perfect toppers. Be sure to opt for FULL FAT yoghurt options as these tend to be higher in probiotics, calcium, and all of the good stuff.


Eggs, milk, spinach, and soft mushrooms contain all the antioxidants you need to fight off that impending illness! Plus it’s quick, easy and totally fuss free. Perfect for young weaners and those growing baby bumps. Fritatta makes a delicious breakfast and quick fridge snack (when you’re a busy parent!) so make and eat whenever.

Oat Muffins:

Muffins are a delicious way to boost your immune system while fuelling your body with healthy, whole foods (plus, they are tempting to toddlers) bingo. Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting out everything you’d usually deem as a treat, especially when you’re growing a baby or powering a busy little human on the go. Opt for wholegrains, oats (which are also fantastic for breastmilk supply!), and plenty of those delicious wintery spices. Combined they make the perfect immune boosting breakfast even from the seats of your car.


Need we say more? Pack in both fruit and veg (spinach is a fantastic source of nutrition and tasteless when blitzed) so you can safely add it in to your baby’s breakfast without them even noticing. Be sure to mix it up and add in chia seeds, nut butters, yoghurt, and flaxseed for super healthy calorie boosting extras.

Baked apples:

Fancy something a little different? Bake apples and top them with homemade oats or granola for a family friendly autumnal option. Gut healing properties come from the pectin found the skin of the this delicious fruit that’s released during the cooking process (the same thing that makes jam set). This can heal, repair and maintain the mucosal lining of our gut – remember 80% of our entire immune system is housed here (thank us later!)

Cinnamon Porridge:

A firm family and household favourite. Especially in the colder months. Porridge is a rich source of Vitamin A which can help the body fight off free radicals from the body, and the PERFECT breakfast for children whatever the age. Batch cooking this for both you, baby bump, and your little ones is a great way of keeping breakfast quick, nutritious and easy. Add in cinnamon and your favourite berries for an immune fighting punch, plus it keeps you fuller for longer. Remember you can also make an ‘overnight’ option and eat soft and cold – office lunch sorted!


What do you feed your bump and babies for a Autumnal breakfast? Tag us at @itsykids for a chance to be shared across our social channels.

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