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How to travel with a little one

How I’ve survived my first ‘toddler trip’ AKA hot, constantly on the go, but by god ever so lovely holiday abroad:

Snacks for the plane in our Itsy Insulatez – when I say snacks. I mean bags of snacks. Snacks for take off, snacks for landing. Snacks for if they decide to waltz down the aeroplane aisle for the 50th time and you’re out of all kinds of energy. Rice cakes, dried fruit, yoghurt tubes (still cool because that is what that brilliant bag does), oat bars, smoothies (if you show they are for your little one you’re usually allowed them through), and anything else that you can get your hands on.

  1. NEW games, books + toys. Fantastic for the plane, beach, pool, and having five minutes to swallow your entire meal in a restaurant.
  2. @zoggsuk Swim Sure Nappy’ – no poo explosions in the pool here… thank the lord.
  3. Portable baby changing mat – probably thinking I’m weird, but when you’re out and about exploring and half the restaurants don’t have the facilities you’ll thank me for this. It’s saved my life.
  4. Large muslin cloths (@ettaloves is perfect!) – wet, in the fridge, nice and cool for her to suck on/play with/lay on by the pool + beach. We rolled ours up (again) in our amazing Itsy Insulatez bag, this meant cold, soothing cloths to lie on.
  5. Sheets from home. Nothing makes them feel more relaxed in a new bed than familiar smells.
  6. The Itsy Guzzlers. Less spending, less carrying. More fresh drinks. We screwed them on to SO many foreign brand drinks and they worked perfectly. Plus the lid meant we could store cartons. RESULT.
  7. @snoozeshade – the ultimate cool shady gadget for beach and pool naps.
  8. Calpol Sachets – no caption needed. Easy to carry, easy to use, easy to refrigerate.
  9. Itzy Spoonz – lightweight and easy to pop in our travel bags – I found many places didn’t have the right cutlery for children when dining, so it was a great way of ordering spaghetti and ensuring a full tum.
  10. Airside pick up – get on Boots online and PRE ORDER those nappies/wipes/milk a few days in advance and select airside (with your terminal collection). Same prices, more space in your suitcase for shoes. There is a god.
  11. @childsfarm roll on suncream – applied in seconds with a wriggly baby. WIN.
  12. Dummy clips – no more worrying about sand burial. Simply clip onto whatever your little one is wearing and relax.
  13. Clip on fan – these are easy to find on Amazon and make the perfect pram extra. It’s easy to worry about your little one when napping or sleeping in high temperatures, so having this little gadget means you can take the time to you need relax.
  14. AND FINALLY – the thought that ‘routine’ doesn’t exist on holiday, and doesn’t need to. I know it’s difficult when travelling to keep the stress levels low and enjoy yourself with new bedtimes, surroundings, meal times, and day to day plans, but honestly these memories and life experiences are incredible. Put the ‘usual’ on hold and know that even if it takes a few weeks to resume normality on routine it WILL all fall into place. Enjoy this family time that you’re so lucky to grip with both hands and bond with your little one like you so deserve.


You have your whole lives for bath, book, and bed – it’s time for the BEACH!