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How to Keep Your Baby Hydrated

Water is the most natural and healthy drink you can offer your little one however we know it can sometimes be a little tricky to ensure they’re getting enough, the struggle is real right? As temperatures have begun to climb and we’re feeling the heat more than ever, here’s our simple and efficient ways of helping to boost your child’s water intake all Summer long.

Up the fruit

It doesn’t HAVE to be water. There are plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables high in water content that can make staying hydrated that little more interesting. Melon, cucumber, oranges, apples, and spinach are all great low cost choices.

Make it FUN

Buy silly straws and colourful cups, infuse the water, teach your little ones to serve themselves, and set up reward charts. It’s so important that we up the intake, especially when active, so get the thinking caps on and DRINK outside of the box.

Make homemade lollies

Ripe mango, delicious apple, or even carrots! Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring, and who doesn’t enjoy a good treat in the sunshine?

Make it accessible

It sounds obvious but making sure your little one’s water bottle is within reach and completely visible can encourage an extra sip or ten! It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when the game we’re playing is exciting, so little actions like this mean they’re forever reminded to drink, drink, and drink some more!

Be prepared

Invest in a range of bottles, snack boxes, and coolers and keep them filled in the fridge ready for adventures. Ensuring little ones are happily hydrated at least 30 minutes before activity is important, so this way you can sip away in the car, whilst walking, or even whilst strapping on the shoes (we know how long this can take, sigh). Preparation is key! Check out our Itsy Guzzler Teats that can be used on a range of bottles and cartons

How are you going to be keeping your little one’s healthy and happy this Summer? Tag us in your lolly creations at @itsykids.