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hospital bag checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

If you’re reading this you’re probably on the big birth date countdown… HOW EXCITING! Realistically there’s no telling when that little bundle of joy will arrive so it’s best to plan a few weeks early so that you’re ready for action.

Looking for ‘what to pack’ and ‘tip and tricks’ whilst preparing for labour can be a little daunting (been there, got the t-shirt) especially with so many mums, friends, and family members having their own personal preferences. So here are our own tried and tested bag essentials that we used EVERY one of, nothing quirky or out there, just simple items that we totally needed.

If you have any of your own feel free to share with us at @itsykids – we love helping parents and mums to be.

GOOD LUCK, you were made for this!

Hospital bag:

  • High carb / protein snacks
  • A lot of pyjamas – NIGHTIES included (trust me on this) I went through five pairs and I only brought two, you can imagine the outcome
  • Spritz for Bitz – check out their website here for more great products to help during pregnancy, birth and new mums
  • Baby clothes / hats / socks (in different sizes) – pack for different weights – tiny baby, newborn + age 1 month.
  • Dummies / bottles – Breastfeeding or not, it may be best to prepare for every sort of feeding outcome.
  • Cotton wool – many hospitals don’t accept wipes (however gentle they may be) so pack plenty of balls and pads for those new human changes.
  • Muslins / blankets – ensure your blankets meet hospital standards (there’s specific criteria) and muslins are fantastic for both you and baby.
  • Towel, flip-flops and slippers – there’s nothing quite like your own towel and slippers after that amount of exhaustion plus flip flops for the shower means a more comfortable ten minutes.
  • Your own pillow and blanket – hospitals can get a little chilly and having ‘home comforts’ can help you in those moments you need it most.
  • BIG comfy knickers and maternity pads – totally not what you’re looking forward to but trust me, life after labour is all about comfort. Pack these in abundance.
  • Breast feeding pads, once your milk starts coming in there’s no stopping it.
  • Cash / change – handy for car parking and vending machines, and whatever else may come up.
  • Hairbands – with all hands on deck you’ll want that hair out of your face.
  • Nappies / nappy sacks – A few different sizes, remember to prepare for all baby weights. You may also want to pack a few different brands, you’ll soon realise the best for both yourself and baby.
  • Lip balm – dehydration and labour = chapped sore lips. Pack it by the dozen.
  • Favourite tea bags (a bit of a treat) – but ever so lovely after labour or beforehand in the slow build up. Like we’ve said before home comforts matter most here you want to feel relaxed.
  • Plenty of water and edible treats, labour is exhausting work so anything that helps keep up your energy levels.
  • Phone charger with a LONG lead – you could be there for a while and (some of the time) bed bound. Ensuring your phone is always charged and accessible for contact is always a good idea.


What have you packed that you deem an essential? Share your tips and tricks with others by tagging us across our social channels at @itsykids.

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