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Forget parenting comparisons this Easter

forget parenting comparisons this Easter

Take it from a mum with two under three… Parenthood is a bit like Easter baking 🧁

You read tons of recipes about how to make the ‘best’, rice crispy cakes, the sweetest hot cross buns, or the most breath-taking family Sunday spread, but in the end however you interpret it will mean it comes out slightly differently. I mean good job really because who wants the same thing all day every day?

It doesn’t quite matter how many times you stir or how long it takes, just as long as effort, love, and perseverance are present. Sometimes it’s a little rough around the edges and you know, a little wonky, in fact if this journey were a cake, it wouldn’t be fancy, but by god nothing would ever taste as good, especially to our kids. We need to let that be enough.

So, this is a reminder this Easter to relax, take it in, enjoy the little moments. Your babies are only tiny for a number of weeks, months, even years, so forget the parenting comparisons. Forget how everything looks on Instagram, the mountains of chocolate, the elaborate baskets, and the expensive weekends away. Just bask in the glory that your recipe is perfect, and it’s full of everything it needs to rise and shine.

The swirls and elaborate fondant you sometimes feel like you need to contend with are over rated any way, right?

All my love,

Hannah @ Itsy

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