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First Christmas with your little one?

Here’s our top five ‘calendar’ alternatives that still mean joining in on the big festive countdown. December, we’re totally coming for you…

Baby bucket list

Sensory tuff trays, visits to family, or even just something as simple as both of you taking a ‘recharge’ day and snuggling in cosy pyjamas on the sofa. Create something lovely to do every day so that both of you can enjoy making even the smallest of memories.

A photo a day

25 days of ‘littles’. Whether it be their gorgeous little hands, a picture with someone special, or just a moment that you know one day you’ll back on and smile. Write the dates on the back and keep them safe for later years. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Christmas firsts

Everyone goes a little overboard on the first Christmas right? Celebrate it every day with a ‘first’ – first Christmas jumper, first Christmas song, first parsnip puree, the list is endless. Get everyone around you into the baby festive spirit (whether they like it or not).

A Calendar Alternative

No chocolate? No problem. There are SO many gorgeous options you can choose from including ones that offer bedtime stories, and playful treats. There’s nothing quite like that wind down book with your little one before bed, especially as the dark nights draw in.

Wing it

None of the above? That’s okay too. We know around this time of year it can be easy to feel like you’re not doing enough and make comparisons to other parents across social media. The only thing your little one needs is your love and affection, so whether you deck the halls or just keep it simple, they’ll never wish for more than you, after all, you’re genuinely the best gift they could have this Christmas.

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