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Easter Activities

With everything that’s going on I bet you haven’t even given Easter a second thought, but as we know our children won’t let it come and go without even a little celebration which is why we’ve provided you with some Easter crafts and activities you can do around the home and in the garden, plus we have some great downloadable colouring in sheets and a little competition to help cheer you up!

Egg and spoon race

If you’re brave enough you can use a real egg or hard boil it so there’s less mess or alternatively use a cadburys cream egg. You and the family can then race each other up and down the garden trying not to drop the egg. Even the really tiny ones in your family will enjoy running or crawling up and down the garden with you.

Read books

Sometimes the simple things can be the most enjoyable. If it’s raining snuggle up on the couch with a nice book or if it’s sunny sit outside on a blanket and read some of your favourite stories together.


Plant some tulips and daffodils with your budding gardeners. Why not recycle some containers to use as planters – yoghurt pots, old mugs, baskets, jars and let your children decorate them.

Make a chocolate fondue

Encourage your children to share their Easter eggs with Mum and Dad too! Melt down the Easter Eggs and as a family dip strawberries, oranges and apples into the mixture. This also helps with healthy eating ?

Easter crafts

Let the children make Easter bonnets, door signs, paint eggs, decorate white napkins for the table. A lot of these can be made with recycled bits and bobs found around the home as it’s not as easy to just pop to the shops during lock down. Please see a list of recycled items that can be used;

Cereal boxes, corks, milk cartons, jars, toilet paper rolls etc

Or why not download our colouring in Easter egg and get the paints out or the crayons for less mess. Again babies will enjoy looking at the black and white print and you can help them mark make with some crayons.

Make brunch together

Let the older children help whisk the eggs or let your baby hit a wooden spoon onto a pan (they will think they’re helping). Or to keep it really simple use some of those biscuits stored in the cupboard and let them add whipped cream and pop some strawberries on top.

These are just a few activities that can help you bring Easter alive at home but if there’s anything we’ve missed please share your ideas with the rest of the itsy clan @itsykids

Or why not enter our competition to win an Easter egg hunt pack. All you need to do is share your little ones pictures and drawings and tag @itsykids for your chance to win (winner will be picked at random).