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Sleep Tips for Autumn Nights

Autumn, a time where dark nights draw in and ‘cosy’ is the main word in our vocabulary, well, that and ‘tired’, because parenting never stops.

We’ve all been there, the thought of the clocks going back after months of trying to perfect your little one’s sleep pattern brings sheer dread to our ears (if we are honest) – messing with bedtime is no laughing matter right?

So with that in mind here are a few tried and well tested tips we have as parents ourselves for those who are in need of a plan:

The good news is that it shouldn’t take your baby long to adjust to the changes and get back to their usual happy routines. Try putting your baby to bed 10 minutes later each day during the week leading up to the change, preparation is key and honestly no big changes are needed we promise. Some also won’t need any adjusts at all – believe it or not your little ones are incredible at adjusting when needs be so try not to worry about it too much, snoozing will return, hold tight (or head to Starbucks).

Another idea to help your super little ones adjust is to always show them a clear difference between the night and the day time. Plenty of play, music, noise, walks in the sunshine and singing are great for when they wake,  then take to the bath and quieten things down with dim lighting and an early bedtime in the dark.

& finally during these autumnal months the temperature will start to drop, which could lead to a disrupted sleep for your baby or toddler if they’re feeling a little chilly. Keep a keen eye on the temperature and ensure you add vests, sleeping bags or pop the heating on to keep them happy and dreaming away.

How do you cope with the clocks changing? Pop us your helpful tips at @itsykids

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