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Baby Loss Awareness Week (9th-15th October)

baby loss awareness week log

The death of a baby is not a rare event. It can happen to anyone.


From 9th-15th October 2020, Baby Loss Awareness Week UK will go ahead for it’s 18th year.

Every year, Baby Loss Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about pregnancy and baby death in the UK.

This year they are highlighting the isolation many people experience after pregnancy and baby loss – women, partners, other family members and friends.

The effect of social distancing from Covid-19 has had a major impact on access to care and support and has complicated grief and responses to pregnancy and baby loss.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, feelings of isolation have become more widespread around the world and many people have begun to talk more openly about loneliness.

Now more than ever, we can all come together to let those affected by pregnancy and baby loss know they are not alone and that we are all here to support them. Which is why these 2 inspirational, strong women have chosen to share their story with you.

Remember you are not alone.

A different kind of grief

by Aideen McCanny – @ivfmumblings

Aideen had been trying for a baby for the last 5 years and finally on her seventh IVF transfer she fell pregnant with twins. Sadly her little boy Eoin passed away at only 7 weeks old after contracting NEC, a severe infection in the bowel.

Aideen has very kindly shared her story with us here, which I’m sure you can agree is so beautifully written.

So I wanted to share my journey…

by Maria – @Cheshiregossipgirl

Maria is 28 and lives in Cheshire, she became a mama back in 2016 with her little boy Sebastian who would of been 4 today, they also have Gabriel who will be 3 at the end of October and Milan who is 6 months old. Unfortunately her little boy Sebastian passed away at 29 weeks.

Maria has also very kindly shared her story here in the hope to help another mama going through the same thing.


We thank both Aideen and Maria tremendously for finding the courage to share their stories with us and we hope that they can help those Mum’s going through the same thing. Remember you’re not alone and there’s so many other parents out there going through the same thing. There’s also some wonderful charities that can offer help and support if you’ve unfortunately lost a baby.