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Feeding and mealtimes can be tricky

At Itsy we design simple yet clever products that allow you to get on with the things that matter most to you & your family.

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Itsy Blitz

The portable baby food blender for here, there and everywhere.


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Itsy Insulatez

The all new insulated bag that maintains the ideal temperature. Store hot AND cold food at the same time.


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What people are saying about this product

I cant believe this hasnt been thought of before! Babies milk warm and a cold sandwich for mama! Mega!


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Annabel Karmel Chicken 2 Ways baby weaning recipe

Annabel Karmel Chicken 2 Ways

What people are saying about this product

Lovely little spoons, perfect for weaning and little hands - my baby loves them!


Itsy Pure Flow

Instinctive milk delivery that puts baby in control.


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Itsy Silicone Snack + Store Tray

The versatile silicone storage solution for babies & children of all ages. Available in Grey and Purple!


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What people are saying about this product

I bought two of these one for baby and one for my toddlers school lunchbox and its ideal for both, great product Itsy :-)

salmon 2 ways

5 Ways to Encourage Your Child To Eat Fish

Itsy Finger Feeder

The Itsy Finger Feeder is the perfect snack pot for on the go babies & toddlers! Available in grey or purple!


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Itsy Guzzler

New design for 2021.. The clever all-in-one adapter that makes standard drinks child-friendly in an instant.


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What people are saying about this product

This is a brilliant product. My son is just 1 and wants to be like his big brother and drink out of juice cartons or water bottles but ends up covered in it. The sippy cup teat guzzler allows him to drink whilst out and about without making any mess.


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