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We pride ourselves on giving parents the small wins that get you through the day.  We’re 100% parent-powered so you can be sure that all our products are designed by parents, for parents.

Simple.  Clever.  Useful.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2015 by a father looking for a way to prepare fresh baby food for his young daughter. When it became apparent that such a device didn’t exist, Itsy was born.

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What we believe in

Feeding freedom

We don’t believe parents should be confined to the house with the little ones, which is why we focus on solutions to everyday gripes that you can use anywhere – from the sat on the sofa to the top of a mountain. A healthy start shouldn’t mean sacrificing adventures!

Telling it like it is

Honest and realistic, that’s our game. We know that a completely hassle-free life as a parent doesn’t exist, and we will always try our utmost to give an authentic view on the world that is so often in contrast to the perfect life seen so often on social media. We won't confuse with jargon and we won't sell you a line.

Parents, assemble!

Our superpowers come from being real parents, solving real challenges in everyday life. Which is why we proud to be 100% parent powered! Every member of the Itsy team is a Mum or Dad. This is our magic and it allows us to spot the real problems that others miss.

We don’t reinvent the wheel

There are millions of baby products out there – and we all know that 90% of them are unnecessary. We don’t reinvent the wheel, we just design simple, insightful and helpful tools that help make your day that bit easier. Our products make sense because they are designed to be clever but straightforward to make your life more simple.

Go your own way

We know first-hand that what works for one parent, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Itsy is supportive and helpful no matter what path you choose for your little ones start in life.

Don’t those little wins taste so good?

Isn’t it funny how everything you thought was important before kids, suddenly isn’t so huge anymore? Nowadays, it’s all about just leaving the house on time! We’re here to get you through the day and give you those little wins that put you back on top again.

What people are saying about Itsy

This product is definitely a convenient device and as described- very portable. I wanted something that I could carry around in the baby bag and not heavy. Great presentations and it comes in a very neat pouch and a nippy weaning spoon.


Brilliant product, will blend food right down to honey like texture for just starting off or more of a lumpy purée for further along. Been very impressed with its ease of use and to clean etc.
You get a lot for your money compared to other baby food blenders, the case is a lovely touch and makes it no hassle to carry around.
Wouldn’t be without this product as a first time mum trying to battle through weaning!!


OMG your guzzler teats are amazing! I’ve been tearing my hair out at the faff that is making up formula on the go. I ordered one of the teats to attach straight onto the 200ml bottles and it’s a complete game changer! Thanks so much for making them and for making life 1000% easier!!! We hope to go away quite a lot and the thought of taking sterilisers, flasks etc was not appealing.. I have just bought another 5, 2 x slow flow and then 3 medium for when she is a bit older 👍👍 Have also recommended them to my NCT friends too.


Amazing little product, I've taken this everywhere. You never really know where and when it will come in handy. It's perfect for weaning through all the stages. It's easy to use and clean and the battery lasts for ages, I would totally recommend this product.


We’ve won awards!

Itsy gold preparation for weaning best baby and toddler gear awards
preschool finalist award
made for mums award
bizzie baby award
parent & baby award